Julie Ann Floyd, MD

Julie Ann Floyd, M.D. is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. She served formal residency at the world-acclaimed Baylor University Medical center in Dallas, Texas which is the home of The Tom Landry Sports Medicine Center. It was here that she completed studies in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (abbreviated PM&R).

Dr. Floyd opened Tropical Wellness in Key West in 2005 as the first and only Physical Medicine specialist in all the Florida Keys. She continues to be the only specialist of her kind in The Keys. This specialty is also known as "Physiatry" (pronounced "Fizz-eye-ah-tree"). Doctors with her training are sometimes called "Physiatrists" (pronounced "Fizz-eye-ah-trists") or specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

In addition to being a PM&R specialist, Dr. Floyd has a large Primary Care/General Medicine practice that has grown from of her desire to treat "the whole patient". She offers a blend of traditional Western Medicine and Functional/Integrative Medicine after having completed physician acupuncture training and specialized coursework (over a number of years) in Traditional Chinese Medicine/TCM and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in San Francisco, CA. She completed her studies in 2001.

Dr. Floyd also offers care to patients at Poinciana Gardens Assisted Living Center and also the Key West Health and Rehabilitation Center (formerly The Key West Convalescent Center). She has extensive experience and knowledge in the care of Geriatric and Rehabilitation patients, bringing her formal training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to Poinciana Gardens and the Key West Health and Rehabilitation Center.

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